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Colorado Springs, CO - Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Bear

The ferocious American grizzly bear can grow to weigh 400, 500 -- even 700 -- pounds, as one can observe in this robust specimen at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The word "grizzly" means "grizzled"; that is, showing tips or streaks of gray hair. This is not to be confused with the word "grisly," meaning ghastly or horrid. Nonetheless, naturalist George Ord formally classified the California grizzly in 1818, not for its hair but for its character, as "Ursus horribilis." The zoo invites its visitors to "ascend the mountainside via a fire tower offering breathtaking views (of Colorado Springs and the distant Colorado prairies) and culminating with the experience of a lifetime: seeing magnificent grizzlies roaming the rugged mountainside." Photo by Carol Highsmith.
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