Please Note: The Watermark that appears on images is only for online purposes, and is not on any of the final prints, downloads or products. 

Photo Print Options:

Vintage and New Photographic Prints

If you are on a desktop or laptop, when you click on a photo, you will be shown our featured products.  To see all products, including all Print options, click "Visit Shop". There you can choose from prints, downloads, home decor such as print and canvas wraps, apparel and more. In gallery view (viewing all photos in a gallery), you can select multiple images at one time, then click "Buy" to select your print sizes or products. 

If you are on a tablet or other mobile device, after clicking the Cart, then Buy, you will be taken to the product shop where you can choose Prints. 

Photo Print Sizes - We offer a variety of sizes from small to large. When selecting a photo for purchase you will be given "best fit" options. But you may also select from other sizes. After selecting the size, you will be given options to crop and resize that image for a better fit into the print size you selected. 

Photo Paper Options: All prints are made on professional grade photographic paper. You can select cropping and other options Before and After adding photos to your cart.  (Please note, these options relate to customers in the USA and Canada only.  Other international clients will see different options based on location and processing lab used. An explanation of all these options are available when selecting and/or configuring the products chosen)

E-Surface Color Paper

E-Surface Paper is our most popular photographic paper. Accurate color, lifelike skin tones, archival quality and a traditional photo finish are just a few reasons why customers love E-Surface Prints.

NOTE: B&W images will still print in black and white on this paper. Sepia toned images print as you see them.

Kodak Metallic Paper

Kodak Metallic Paper uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers resulting in a striking metallic shine. Its ultra-bright backgrounds and smooth photo finish will make your special moments last a lifetime.

NOTE: B&W images will still print in black and white on this paper. Sepia toned images print as you see them.

True Digital B&W Paper

True Black & White offers rich black continuous-tone prints, avoiding any tints of color. Perfect for all of your black and white shots, this matte photo paper creates beautiful prints that will last for a lifetime.

NOTE: Color and Sepia toned images ordered on this paper will be printed in B&W.

Color Conversion Options:

None  - No color conversion, image will be printed as displayed. (default) 
Convert to Black and White - Automatically convert to True Digital B&W Paper option listed above.
Convert to Sepia - If you choose one of our newer photos that are actually in color, you can convert the image to sepia tone.  Please note that most of our vintage images are already converted to Sepia.
Finish Options:
None - (default)
Lustre - This is an optional addition to your order. Lustre Coating protects against fingerprints, UV exposure, and common over-spraying found in home and office environment. The rich, enhanced sheen of this professional finishing service shields your photographs from the elements without interfering with the image.
None - (default)
Linen - Add a subtle linen texture to your prints. Image quality remains high with additional protection: photographs can’t be copied by a scanner.
Mounting and Framing (All set to NONE as default):

Double Weight Backboard - Mounting your print on a backboard not only gives the print extra support, but it also helps preserve the value of the print over time. Double-weight backboard is 1/8" thick. These are rigid, lightweight art boards added to the back of the print with a smooth white surface and a white foam center. NOTE: One extra day is required for processing.

Foam Core Mount - Mounting your print on a foam core board will give it extra support compared to a regular backboard. Images mounted on a 3/16" Foam Core are easy to frame and do not warp or bend over time. NOTE: One extra day is required for processing.
Styrene Mount - Styrene is arguably the best mounting substrate available. You’ll find the strength of the 2 mm thick black plastic will exceed your expectations.
Frames  -  We also offer a variety of frames to make your photo print ready to hang on delivery.  When choosing a frame, you will also be given options for Mat (White or Black), and for Glass (Clear or Non Glare). 
Showcase - We offer 1.5" Canvas Wraps, Fine Art Prints and Print Wraps. To select a Showcase Product, select "Showcase" instead of Prints while viewing our Products main page after choosing your photo.  See details HERE.