Legends Vintage Photos

Before Legends of America ever began, we've been collecting vintage photographs, as well as bunches of other antique everythings. While traveling and writing about historic travel destinations, we've collected hundreds of images.

Today, we have thousands of vintage photographs representing everything from the mountains to the prairies, outlaws, the Civil War to Native Americans, and everything in between.


The major difference in our historic photographs, from Two photographers taking each others picture with hand-held cameras while perched on a roof, between 1909 and 1932others that you might find, is that each and every one of our vintage images has been painstakingly restored. So many old photographs show significant wear and tear due to their age - having jagged edges, tears, spots, dust, and moisture damage. Plus, cameras, a hundred years ago, aren't what they are now, often leaving behind "noise" (little dots and scratches), blurred images, and objects that take away from the photograph, such as a wire running across the sky. Our vintage photographs are never offered for sale until they have been carefully restored.


In the meantime, you will not only find our vintage photos enhancing our historic tales on the Legends of America; but, they are also available for photographic prints and downloads.


Whether you're looking for historic photos to decorate a room, give as a gift, or for commercial use in a book, video, or documentary; our photo collection is one of the best to be found, as far as the number of images available, quality, and pricing. This is so much so, that museums, Interior Decorators, restaurant designers, and movie and television producers have utilized our photos in their projects. 


Please Note: The Watermark that appears on images is only for online purposes, and is not on any of the final prints, downloads or products. 

If you have any questions what so ever, please feel free to Contact Us.