April Hazelett(non-registered)
Grew up in the west and miss it so very much- your pictures bring back many memories and make me want to travel again.
diane parker(non-registered)
I have found that Cherokee blood runs in my family, and I am still pursuing the gravesite of Cherokee relatives . have not found resting place of joseph nun-nishau martin or other relatives, but am still searching.
Buzz Tuell
Hi My name is Buzz Tuell, the Grandson of Julia E. Tuell , As she and Husband were Government school teachers on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, 1900, to 1912, then on to the Sioux Reservation, 1912 to 1929. She took over 2000 photo Images of the every day life of the Indians. We have collection up for sale. If interested in purchasing total collection, get ahold of Rim Advertising, Billings Montana. phone 406-656-0608. or go to Juliaetuell.com or cintact me at [email protected] 406-670-7877 text or call. Thanks Buzz Tuell Grandson of Julia E. Tuell
My great-great-grandfather and his family were among the first settlers of Bannavck, spending the winter of 1862-63 there among the 300-400 souls who landed there after gold was discovered. He was the Miners Court judge and ran a hotel during Bannack's heyday; his children attended Lucia Darling's school. I visited Bannack for the first time in July 2014 and love these pictures...
Wow! I have loved your Legends of America for many years now. I have a keen interest in haunted places and history. I used to run a ghost hunting group called H.A.R.T (Haunted Activity Research Team) and have went to many places and states to seek the haunted.

Imagine to my surprise when I saw this months post with the story about Laura Ingalls Wilder and little house on the prairie. At my age of 52 I had no clue at all that the t.v. series was based on true stories and true people! How could I not know this? So this story has been a huge eye opener to me and I have been enjoying the facts, the story and pictures included!! Thank you so much for this! I will always remain a fan of LOA!
Robert Patrick Friel
My 3x great-Grandfather, Jeremiah moved his family to Lompoc, CA in 1870's and was recorded as deputy Sheriff of Lompoc in 1880's Federal Census. His daughter married Robert J Broughton, becoming Santa Barbara's elected Sheriff for the county for 12 years...dying on January 1, 1895 from blood poisoning of an arrested criminal who bit him in the arm. He rests in Santa Barbara's cemetery with family members and Jeremiah & Minerva Friel. One of his experiences as Sheriff is written about in Walter A. Tompkins' book, STAGECOACH DAYS IN SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, 1986. On page 111, The Corliss Murders at Las Cruces. On page 87 is his picture. This little paperback also offers information on Stagecoach routes, Ten Commandments for Stage passengers, diagrams of different stagecoaches and landmarks and stops. I am always searching for more information about him than this one story... if you should know of any. Thanks, Robert P Friel
Marie armijo brady(non-registered)
Im the great grandaughter of Gabriel Gonzales who is listed here as killing adolf harmon. He also killed another harmon brother as well . Gabriel's half brother was killed in the first gunfight. This was arevenge killing for harmon's earlier murder of a sheriffconstable. Thank u for including him. He also was a bootlegger in hislater years. His feud caused our family to lose the family fortune but i guess in those days ,vengeance and liquor were the name of the game
John Cassidy
Howdy Dave & Pleasure to meet your acquaintance Kathy, Ya Hooo! I've got a brain twister question that you 2, or possibly one of your 3.6 million followers might be able to help me out on. I am in possession of a layered copper negative portrait, mounted to a wooden block. It's small, 3 1/2" x 2 3/4" (block) with a vertical oval likeness that I think I'm supposed to recall. Initially, Wyatt Earp had seemed an obvious tag, but I took my time, in a hurry. And decided,....naw. And figurin' y'all have seen pert-near every famous, or semi-famous mugs, you're my "Old West" life line. Yee Haw!! I'm tryin' to find a way to drop off a snapshot of said gentleman. One dude who I know does not remotely resemble the copper negative, is my non-relative Butch Cassidy. But wouldn't that be sump'm!! Hopefully you'll see this soon, because inquiring minds, are inquiring. Much thanks! (I know you're holding your hands out, palms up, sayin, "So where's the face that's backwards?" Well, I'm still lookin for an address to send to. Gimme a minute. Right On! JC in the San Fernando Valley
Randy Chapman(non-registered)
Enjoyed your description of Wildorado Texas on old Rt. 66 West of Amarillo. Excellent summary. My mother was the daughter of Harry Elam who owned the general store and part owner of the bank that got robbed many times by Borger outlaws. He finally started sleeping in the store and shot back. Killed one of them. The family moved from Wildorado to Amarillo and my Mom left town in WWII to attend Texas Tech where she met my Dad, Donald Chapman. Good memories you shared.
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