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Hancock, MI - Quincy Mine Steam Hoist

When the Quincy Mining Company ceased operations in 1945, its Mine Shaft No. 2 was the deepest in the world at 9,260 feet. To pull the ore up efficiently and quickly, in 1918 they installed the worlds largest steam-driven mine hoist seen here. It pulled a series of cables that were connected to the Rock House over the shaft where the ore was brought up at 36 mph, ten tons at a time.

The hoist sits on the largest concrete slab ever poured, containing 3200 cubic yards of cement and reinforcement material.

The cost at the time for the Hoist and the building holding it was over $370,000. It only operated for 11 years though before the shaft was shut down for a number of years.

Photo by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.
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Hancock, MI - Quincy Mine Steam Hoist