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WWI - Hell Fighters From Harlem, NY

Sechault, France, September 29, 1918

From Harlem streets and other New York City neighborhoods they came, members of the only U.S. unit to get "over there" with their old State name - the 15th New York. These black National Guardsmen soon found themselves with a new name, the 369th Infantry Regiment. Many months after their arrival in the war zone the 369th Infantry, as part of the French Army's 161st Division, marched toward a date with destiny in the Meuse-Argonne offensive. On a fateful day, September 29, a regimental historian would later remember, "the day dawned clear and cool. There was expectancy in the air." A fierce artillery barrage preceded the attack by the 369th, nicknamed "Hell Fighters" by the enemy. After a brutal struggle during which heavy casualties were sustained Sechault was taken and the 369th soldiers dug in to consolidate their advance position. By H. Charles McBarron, National Guard Series
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WWI - Hell Fighters From Harlem, NY