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Bitter Creek Newcomb and Charlie Pierce, outlaws dead

George "Bitter Creek" Newcomb and Charles "Charley" Pierce dead. These two were outlaw and members of the Doolin-Dalton Gang in Oklahoma in 1890's.

After the Doolin Gang split up, Pierce and Newcomb rode to the Dunn Ranch on the Cimarron River to visit Newcomb's lover, the famous Rose Dunn, aka "Rose of Cimarron." They also planned to collect some $900 owed to Newcomb by Rose's brothers. However, as they approached the house the pair of outlaws were ambushed, shot out of their saddles by Rose's brothers who wanted to collect the large bounty on their heads. Both bodies were then taken to Guthrie, but Newcomb was still alive. When he sat up and begged for water, he received another bullet for his efforts.
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Bitter Creek Newcomb and Charlie Pierce, outlaws dead