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This is just a sampling of the many people of the Old West. See the full gallery for more.

Bucking bronco, Cheyenne, WY, 1911

Cattle Trail, 1905

Colorado round up, about 1900

Cowboy Bath

Newton, KS Cowboy

Roping the steer, around 1900

Round up grub in Colorado around 1900

Taming a bronc, 1906

Cowboy drinking Wiedemann Beer

Annie Oakley, Old West Entertainer, 1899

Apache Kid, outlaw

Baby Doe Tabor, mistress and wife of silver baron Horace Tabor

Bat Masterson, lawman

Belle Starr, outlaw

Ben Thompson, lawman

Bill Hickok, lawman & gunfighter

Billy The Kid, outlaw & gunfighter

Billy The Kid, outlaw & gunfighter

Buffalo Bill Cody, scout and entertainer

Butch Cassidy, outlaw, 1893

Calamity Jane, rowdy woman of the west, 1895

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daniel perry
i think you have some really nice and hard to find photo's,anyone who loves the old west,should take a look at these.all of these photo's have some great history behind them.