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Vernal, UT - Motel Dine-a-ville Sign, 1991

Though the Motel Dine-a-ville is long gone, this quirky relic still stands in Vernal, Utah.

The Dine-A-Ville Motel, first owned by George Millecam was established in 1946. The pink dino was built in 1958 in hopes that the sculpture would lure visitors to the nearby Dinosaur National Monument and advertise the hotel.

Located at 800 West Main, the motel was demolished in the late 1990s and the pink dinosaur began a second career as a welcome sign for the town of Vernal. With changed signage, it is now located at 905 E. Main St.

Photo by John Margollies, 1991.
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Vernal, UT - Motel Dine-a-ville Sign, 1991