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Tombstone, AZ - Boothill - Cowboy Graves

When the "new” cemetery was opened, a few continued to be buried here, but the vast majority were laid to rest at the newer graveyard. After a period of time, the old cemetery fell into disrepair and its graves neglected. It’s original grave markers, made of wood with carved or painted inscriptions, decayed under the elements. Others were stolen by souvenir hunters.

It wasn’t until 1923, that the city began to contact several residents to help locate and identify the graves and a boy scout troop was tasked with cleaning up the cemetery. However, it wasn’t until the town's first Helldorado Days, around 1929, the old cemetery began to be referred to as the Boot Hill Graveyard, called such for the many men who died with their boots on. Still, though many of the graves had been identified, it wouldn’t be until the 1940’s when a real effort began to restore the cemetery. New grave markers were made, including several steel markers which continue to stand. The "new” markers were also made of wood and as near as possible, duplicated the original markers. Since that time, they have been kept or replaced as needed.
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Tombstone, AZ - Boothill - Cowboy Graves