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Redford, TX - Jumano Apache House

A structure whose owner has identified with the Jumano Apache people, in the little settlement of Redford inside Big Bend Ranch State Park, along the Rio Grande River in extreme South Texas.

The Jumano Indians were a prominent indigenous tribe or several tribes that inhabited a large area of western Texas, adjacent New Mexico, and northern Mexico. Spanish explorers first recorded encounters with the Jumano in 1581; later expeditions noted them in a broad area of the Southwest and the Plains. The last historic reference was in a nineteenth-century oral history. European-American scholars have long considered the Jumano extinct as a people. In the 21st century some families in Texas have identified as Apache-Jumano (though the Apache and Jumano peoples were once bitter enemies). As of 2014, they had registered 300 members in the United States, seeking to be recognized as a tribe.

Photo by Carol Highsmith
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Redford, TX - Jumano Apache House