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Cyrus Noble Whiskey

Vintage Advertisement for Cyrus Noble Whiskey featuring men playing Faro.
A popular phrase that was often associated with Faro was "Bucking the Tiger,” which is thought to have come from early card backs that featured a drawing of a Bengal Tiger. In any event, the Bengal Tiger became the icon of the Faro game. Another phrase that referred to playing Faro , was "twisting the tiger’s tail.” Places that sported a number of gambling halls, including alleys, streets and districts, were often called "tiger town” or "tiger alley.”

Often times, a colorful tiger drawing or painting was posted outside a gambling hall to indicate that there was an active " Faro Bank" on premises. In other places, tiger paintings often hung above Faro tables. Vintage image restored by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.
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Cyrus Noble Whiskey