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Arra Womble (1888-1910)

Ben Murrell and Thava Irene Womble Foster Headstone

Bessie M. Womble (1890-1064)

Daphne Agnes (1896-1984) and Roy Franklin Womble (1893-1956)

Dora Lee Womble

Dwight Moody Womble (1900-1966)

Edgar Carson Womble

Edgar Noel Womble

Infant Son Man And Dora Womble 1938

Infant Son Man and Dora Womble, 1940

Joe Melvin Foster

Kent Womble

Lieb Cemetery Marker

Lorenza Madison and and Miranda Ann Earnest Womble

Lucille Womble Bentley

Robinson Infant Son (1875)

Roscoe Carson "Man" Womble (1907-

Sudie Mae Robinson Headstone (1856-1935)

WC Robinson Headstone (1850-1928)

William Carson and Mollie T. Robinson Womble