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73 photos

Agnes & Roberta

Allen "Kid" Womble at Grandpas

Allen Carroll "Kid" Womble

Betty Georgia Womble Lackey

Dorothy Jean Womble Hood

Dwight Moody Womble

Dwight Moody Womble

Edith Lillian Smith Womble

Ernestine Foster, Janey Forester, Lorene Foster

Frances VonCeil Womble - Probably

Inez, Roscoe "Man" Womble, Rachel

Inez, Roscoe "Man" Womble, Rachel

Irene Womble and Glenn

Irene Womble and Unknown

Irene Womble Foster

James Arlan Womble, 1928

James Arlan Womble, 1969

James Olin Womble

Janey Forester, Ernestine Foster, Betty Lee Forester

Joseph Franklin "Dick" Womble