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Diana Card Table

There were many games played during the days of the Wild West that are no longer played today. One of these was a card game called Diana. It was similar to Faro and was bit of a card roulette type game, but was played with two decks instead of one. The player could bet on high or low or on red or black at even money, a suit at 3 to 1, any one of a kind at 8 to 1, or a single card at 32 for 1.

The layout was lavish and was quick to tempt people to play, but the odds were terrible for the gambler. Even the Chicago manufacturer of the game promised buyers, "a handsome percent in the house's favor" Tempting as though it might have been with its colorful layout, it didn't take players long to figure out that the game was a no-win situation for them and it soon vanished from the scene.
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Diana Card Table