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Arizona Rangers, 1903

Arizona Rangers (1901-1909) - Organized in 1901 to protect Arizona Territory from outlaws and rustlers. After accomplishing their goals, they were disbanded in 1909.

This photo was taken around 1903 in Morenci, Arizona.

The twenty five rangers are (Left to Right): Thomas H. Rynning, John Foster, John E. Campbell, William (Billy) T. (Timerberline) Sparks, Fred S. Barefoot, Owen C. (O.C.) Wilson, Frank S. Wheeler, Oscar Felton, John Oscar Mullen, Samuel Henshaw, Robert (Bob) M. Anderson, William S. Peterson, James H. (Bud) Bassett, Tip Stanford, William F. (Tex) Ferguson, William David Allison, Charles Rie, Arthur A. Hopkins, James D. Bailey, William W. Webb, Henry S. Gray, Clarence (Chapo) L. Beaty, David E. Wardford, Jame T. Holmes, Alex R. MacDonald.
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Arizona Rangers, 1903