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Tombstone, AZ - Rose Tree Inn, 1937

When Henry and Mary built a permanent home, Mary’s family sent her a box of plant cuttings from her native home, including a white Lady Banksias Rose. After planting several in her yard, she gave a cutting of the rose to her friend Amelia at the Rose Tree Inn. Together, they planted the cutting on the patio and despite the desert heat, it began to thrive.

When the Vizina Mine shut down, the building, with its rose bush in the back, became a hotel and in 1930, Ethel Macia, the daughter of original builders, A.C. and Alice Robertson took over the inn. By this time, the rose bush, so out of place in the Arizona desert, had grown to a "rose tree,” and was soon hailed as "The World's Largest Rose" by an entertaining Robert Ripley.
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Tombstone, AZ - Rose Tree Inn, vintage