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Tombstone, AZ - Schieffelin Hall

Built in 1881 by Al Schieffelin, brother to Tombstone's founder, Ed Schieffelin, and William Harwood, Schieffelin Hall was envisioned as a first class opera house, offering culture to the citizens of Tombstone for the first time. The hall opened in June to grand applause as the largest and most imposing building in Tombstone, as well as the largest adobe building anywhere in the Southwest. The seating capacity provided for almost 600 people. On June 8, 1881, the Tombstone Epitaph described it: "From top to bottom, it is by far the most complete edifice of its kind in the Territory."

The building also housed the King Solomon Masonic Lodge #5, one of the five founding Masonic Lodges in Arizona, a role it continues to play today.
The beautiful building, funded by taxes from those businesses attracting sin and vice, hoped to attract touring theatrical companies. The two-story hall displayed the largest stage in any theatre between Denver and San Francisco. Finally, those "respectable” people that wouldn’t dream of setting foot in the only other theatre in town – the Bird Cage, had a venue that they could be proud of.
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